DSIDIA was born in 2016 as an electronic multi-instrumental project formed by an unique member: Nuria Orive. Its music is clearly influenced by the industrial movement of the 90s and early 2000s, and its creative references are Front Line Assembly, Kraftwerk and even Depeche Mode in their early years. The exclusive use of analogic synths together with the computer programming make this project comparable to the works of industrial music..
Nuria Orive is a self-learning artist commited to music since teenager (her mother encouraged her to start playing the piano). Nuria was grown among chords from the 70s; Mike Oldfield and Kraftwerk can be found among her first musical references. In the late nineties, she started listening to industrial music with the man that became her mentor, Oscar Storm, alma mater of Allied Vision, and the crew Of Cybertech Music. a both nationally and internationally consolidated project in the industrial scene of those days. After a creative stop (about 10 years) Nuria retakes her musical activity more delighted than never, playing the guitar for a only-women band named Patheticks. From then on, she decided to make music just for playing, write songs, grow as a musician and, overall, enjoy her passion. With a huge experience playing the piano, the bass, the guitar, the synths and even as a singer, Nuria presents her new solo project: DSIDIA , that represents herself: no defined style, no labels, no rules.

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